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Zuru™ Cotton Candy Color Mix Surprise!

Cotton Candy is a fun unique compund that stretches and fluffs like no other The new Cotton Candy Colormix is more magical than ever! Just mix the two compounds in the pack Create a completely New Color. Cotton Candy Colormix comes in a unique lollipop packaging available in four different colors, each with two new colors to discover. Inside each lollipop you will find 30gr of the white base and two 15gr bags with the two mystery colors you can create.There are four different colors to create and they all have a sweet unique scent.

  • Includes PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x lollipop shaped container. 1x White Base Cotton Candy 30 grams, 2x Yellow Base Cotton Candy 15 grams each
  • DISCOVER A NEW COLOR: Mix the white cotton candy with the yellow cotton candy, mix and squeeze and see how a new color appears. The more you mix, the more vibrant your new color will get !
  • DOUBLE THE FUN: Inside each lollipop you will find one bag of the white cotton candy base and 2 bags of yellow cotton candy to mix. Each yellow bag will reveal a different color.
  • STRETCHY AND FLUFFY FUN: Stretch it, bounce it and mold it into any shape you want, just like cotton candy! There are four different cotton candy colors to discover, each with their unique scent ! 
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: There are in 4 vibrant different lollipop colors to collect, each with two fun cotton candy colors to discover !
  • DO NOT EAT: Cotton Candy Colormix s not food so please do not eat. If ingested please consult a doctor.

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