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Zuru™ 5 Surprise (Blue)

1,2,3,4,5 What's inside your 5 Surprise? Unwrap, peel, and reveal these cool capsules and find 5 surprise toys inside every one! What 5 toys will you unbox?
These pink and blue capsules combine the excitement of unboxing with the thrill of collectible toys! Each capsule contains 5 segments sealed for a big reveal. Every segment contains a different toy from a massive range of over 300 awesome toys!
  • In the blue capsules you can find glow in the dark zombies, creepy prank toys, action-packed ninjas, super sticky squishies, dozens of cool stickers, mechanical insects, and much more!
The possibilities are endless and the unboxing fun never stops with 5 Surprise!

*Advertised on TeenNick & Nickelodeon.
* These are "blind" items - meaning, you don't get to choose what assortment of items you'll receive. You won't know what you're getting until it arrives. Think of it as a sweet surprise! As these are blind items, duplicates may occur. Age 3+
*5 Surprise Pink Here...

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