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Celebrating 84 Years of Sweet Business

YAHTZEE®: Ghostbusters™ Slimer Collector's Edition

Who Ya Gonna Call?

America’s #1 dice game, YAHTZEE® has been slimed! Shake the dice in a collectible Slimer dice cup, trying to roll classic dice combinations like a full house or large straight with custom dice that feature the Ghostbusters’ equipment. Roll five Proton Packs for a Yahtzee with an inter-dimensional twist.

Ages: 8+

Players: 1+



Collectible Slimer Dice Shaker Cup

Custom dice feature Ghostbusters items: #1 = Ecto-1, #2=Proton Pack, #3=Trap, #4=PKE Meter, #5=Goggles, #6=Logo

Custom Score pad



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