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Celebrating 84 Years of Sweet Business

Ty Peek-A-Boos - Penni Penguin

Ty has launched a line of smartphone holders, called Peek-A-Boos. Ty Peek-A-Boos are universally compatible with all brands smartphones. The plush phone holders allow you to use your smartphone hands-free, as the Beanie Boos eyes take a peek at what you're doing. The plush phone stands have screen cleaner bottoms too! The initial Peek-A-Boos lineup includes Uni Unicorn, Penni Penguin, Pups St. Bernard and Chimps Monkey. They can also be used to hold business cards, gift cards, other small electronic devices, even candy bars. Penni the plush penguin has blue glitter eyes. Tag reads I'm black and white. My eyes are blue. If you love me, then I'll love you.

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