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Celebrating 84 Years of Sweet Business

Salt Water Taffy - Honey Lavender Kisses

Comforting as a warm cup of tea, our Honey Lavender taffy is the perfect pick-me-up. If you enjoy the delicate sweetness of our Honey Taffy, you’ll love it with this unique herbal twist. Thanks to the mellow addition of real lavender, unwinding is as simple as unwrapping a piece of your favorite saltwater taffy.

In fact, Taffy Town’s unique whipping process actually whips our honey lavender taffy to make our candy one-of-a-kind, soft, and always chewy. We strive for a candy that does not leave hard pieces in the teeth, like many other honey candies do. To deliver true-to-life flavor, we use real honey and real lavender florets to create a sweet, aromatic taste unlike any other candy. 

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