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Long Ball™ Black Licorice - 3.5 oz Pouch

This is pretty straightforward. It’s black licorice. It’s in plug format. Rip-off a piece and pop it in. It’s a food-grade product so you don’t need to spit but if you choose to you’ll get a ton of dark brown/black saliva. Taste is again, very straightforward… it’s black licorice. If you like that flavor you’ll like this. If it’s not for you, this won’t be either.
As an alternative, this will work very well for plug or long leaf users. I’d never really considered licorice as something to chew on longer than a minute or two as I’m eating it but it works really well as a tobacco substitute. It works REALLY well if you just sort of “park” you chew in your mouth. I wasn’t a big long leaf user but when I was that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t really “chew” it as much as I parked it. That being said, this lasts a good long while. No clean up to speak of as you’ve consumed it and it’s gone.
  • Made in Australia
  • Tobacco Alternative
  • Kosher
  • Plug Style
  • Contains: Wheat, Soy, & Sulphites
  • Made in a Factory 
  • Size: 1 Pouch (3.5 oz)

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