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Celebrating 84 Years of Sweet Business

CachePigüi® Double Picosita - Spicy 10 Pack

When you think about lollipops, you probably think about hard candy on a stick right?
Another candy taking TikTok by storm, Slaps Lollipops replace the typical long-lasting lozenge with a feather-weight flexible candy.

With a super-sticky, soft and chewy texture not quite like any candy you're probably familiar with and an intense flavor, Slaps are a totally unique treat.

The moment you peel away the film, the paper-thin candy begins to bend in the air, and simply waving the stick around causes the candy to change shape. Slaps Lollipops are further proof that you can and should play with your food. Twist it, twirl it, fold it, and take a big ol' chewy bite into the deliciously sweet sucker!

Flavors within: Green Cucumber - Chamoy, Yellow Mango - Chamoy 
Check out other SLAPS videos on TikTok
Product of Mexico

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