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BarNone® 1.48 oz.

BarNone® is BACK!
In Sept. 1987, the BarNone Chocolate bar, was unveiled by Hershey. Distribution began immediately and was followed by a national television, radio and newspaper advertising campaign. BarNone featured (features) a cocoa wafer, chocolate crème, peanuts and a milk chocolate coating.
Fans around the country found BarNone to be so delicious that it quickly became a national favorite. Fans loved the combination of chocolate notes, the crispness of the wafer and the crunch of the peanuts. It was the perfect chocolate lovers bar.  After Five years of bliss in 1992, Inexplicably the fan favorite was changed by adding caramel into the mix and split the bar into two smaller bars. By 1997 the thrill and magic of the original BarNone bar was gone and the product was discontinued... Until now!
Iconic Candy has brought back yet another nostalgic favorite (previously bringing back favorites such as Reeds and Regal Crown) from the dead,
and it is oh so good!
  • Re-released nostalgic candy
  • Chocolate wafers, chocolate crème, milk chocolate, peanuts
  • Recognizable branding
  • Made in Turkey

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