Napoleon Hard Candy - 5.29oz. Bags

Product Description

Dutch Napoleon Hard Candies

Napoleon offers genuine sweet lovers as many as ten different options. Always sweet on the outside with a refreshing centre. Napoleon is available in various sizes.

All Napoleon bonbons have a powdery sherbert center.

  • Citron (Lempur) - Lemon: Everyone has tried it: the yellow candy with the sour lemon sherbet center. It has been around for 100 years now and has barely changed over all these years. A genuine classic!
  • Sinaspur - Orange: NOT AVAILABLE NOW Sinaspur flavor bonbons do justice to the refreshing zest of orange. This orange flavor is the most popular of the fruit mix and is much-beloved around the world. The flavor is of course complemented by the familiar sour sherbet center.
  • Tropical: Taste the intense flavor of delicious tropical fruit like mango, guava, melon, lychee and grapefruit. Because of the sweet powder in the center of this candy this just might be your favorite.
  • Fruitmix: Choose a new flavor each time from the colorful mix of fruity bonbons. A feast for the eyes, with a choice of delicious orange, apple, cherry, lemon and pineapple flavors.
  • Zwart Wit - Black & White Salmiak: For true salmiak lovers; Once you’ve started you can’t stop. Sweet on the outside with a punchy burst of salmiak at the center. (Salmiak is an ammonia chloride powder - salty)
  • Harde Drop Kogel - Licorice (No Longer Available in the US): One of a kind for the genuine licorice fan. The familiar delicious flavor, but a longer-lasting experience. A hard licorice bonbon with a licorice sherbet center.

GLUTEN WARNING: The glucose syrup used is made from wheat. However, this syrup is exempt from the requirement to state wheat and gluten on the packaging according to the regulations (EC 2005/26/EC). The amount of gluten is so small that it could not cause a severe allergic reaction.

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